Welcome new PhD students!

Welcome new PhD students!

October 8, 2019

The Department of Art History welcomes our 2019-2020 incoming class of PhD students:

Jenny Harris
Jenny studies 20th-century art. Her research interests include performance, intersections of dance and visual arts, and the status of decoration and craft in postwar American art. Prior to arriving at the University, she worked in The Museum of Modern Art’s Department of Painting and Sculpture.

Lex Ladge
Lex studies ancient Greek and Roman art. She is particularly drawn to the cultural and political environment of the Hellenistic period and is interested in how material culture and space interact with concepts of power, memory, and perception. She received her BA in Classics from Reed College.

Jiang Li
Jiang Li studies funerary art in ancient and early medieval China. Her current research involves the material cultural and inter-regional issues in northeast Asian tomb arts from the fourth to seventh centuries. Jiang Li received her MA from the University of Chicago.

Adriana Obiols Roca
Adriana studies modern art of Latin America. Her research focuses on Central American art from the second half of the twentieth century, particularly in the context of civil war. She holds an MA in art history from Tulane University and a BA in English Literature from Swarthmore College.

Le Lucien Sun
Lucien studies East Asian visual and material culture. His current research interests lie broadly in Chinese burial art from the tenth to seventeenth centuries, as well as the exchange of visual and material culture on the Eurasian continent under Mongolian rule. He received his Bachelor’s degree from Fudan University, Shanghai.

Stephanie Strother
Stephanie studies European art of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Her research interests include internationalism, materiality, popular art forms, and public consumption. Prior to entering the PhD program, she was the Lunder Consortium for Whistler Studies Graduate Fellow at the Art Institute of Chicago.