Claire Jenson


Claire is a PhD candidate writing her dissertation on the liturgical manuscripts owned by Metz bishop Renaud de Bar (1303-1316). Her dissertation examines the role played by Renaud de Bar's books in the exercise and representation of episcopal power, and how art and ritual intervened in political debates and conflict in the Gothic period. She was the recipient of the Birgit Baldwin Fellowship from the Medieval Academy of America during the academic years 2016-2017 and 2017-2018.  

She collaborated with Aden Kumler to co-curate the 'Fragments of the Medieval Past' micro-exhibition for the Smart Museum's 2015 'Objects and Voices: A Collection of Stories' exhibition. Claire earned her BA in Art History at Oberlin College, writing her undergraduate thesis on the Beauvais Missal, a thirteenth-century book disbound by modern bibliophile Otto Ege.