Doctoral students in the Department of Art History are awarded a six-year funding package to support them in their scholarly and pedagogical training. Many students use one year or more of their fellowship time to support field research, and all students may also apply for additional research and travel funds.

The First 6 Years

The annual stipend for art history PhD students starting the program in Autumn 2019 is $31,000 over 12 months for the first five years and $27,000 for the sixth year. Students also receive full tuition aid and health insurance premium aid. Please see the Humanities Division website for more information on funding packages. 


Pedagogical training is a vital part of the education doctoral students receive at UChicago; accordingly, the funding package includes required teaching components paired with faculty mentorship. Art history PhD students typically serve as teaching assistants for three faculty-taught courses with the opportunity subsequently to teach one to two courses on their own under the mentorship of a faculty member.

Dissertation Completion

After the six-year fellowship, students who have reached candidacy and are in good standing are eligible to be registered and to receive full tuition aid and health insurance premium aid through the eighth year. Research and conference travel grants are available at various stages of research and writing. Many students also receive a final additional year of fellowship support as they finish writing the dissertation. Such Dissertation Completion Fellowships are awarded competitively by the Humanities Division and by the Department of Art History.

Additional Funding Sources

Fellowships from public or private agencies can enhance a student’s overall financial support and applicants are encouraged to explore all funding opportunities available to them. Students enrolled in our program regularly win additional internal and external fellowships to fund dissertation research and writing beyond the Divisional funding package. The Department competitively awards many internally endowed fellowships to support students’ language study, dissertation research, and dissertation writing.

The Division of the Humanities has additional information on the types of financial support available to doctoral students.