Miguel Caballero Vazquez


Miguel received his PhD in Spanish and Portuguese from Princeton University in 2017. Miguel's academic background is in linguistics and literature, which he complemented with cultural and architectural studies during his PhD. 

His book manuscript, tentatively titled Monumental Anxieties. Writing the Future in Paper and Stone, addresses how both literature and monuments have been used not only to reconstruct the past, but also to produce the future. He explores this hypothesis as a reinvention of monuments to avoid their predicted death (Lewis Mumford had proclaimed the “death of monuments” in 1937), and in close comparison with what utopian literatures and writing on monuments were doing at the time. This book focuses on three case studies located in Mexico, Spain and Brazil that drew global attention between the 1920s and the 1970s. It explores unexpected connections between the first histories of the skyscraper and the return of the Pre-Columbian pictorial writing; literary accounts of speaking monuments and protection of the national heritage during wartime; urban planning and literary utopias--or nightmares--about the modern city as an "intimate monument to live in."

Miguel also writes about the cultural production of HIV/AIDS in Latin America and Spain in the blog ASS (Amor, Sexo y Serología). Inspired by the interviews, art works and narratives of this blog, he plans to write a second book on the creation of the notion of "HIV-positive intimacy" after the development and commercialization of antiretroviral therapies (1996-present).

He is also interested in psychoanalysis. In 2014, he founded the Princeton Psychoanalysis Reading Group, which in 2015 organized the conference Freud Today at the Freud Museum in Vienna. In 2016-2017, he was a Fellow of the American Psychoanalytic Association. 


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